Being a professional and reputable service provider, we need to keep things fair and square between customers and company. A clear cut set of terms is necessary to regulate the business relationship between customer and service provider. The following outlines the terms and conditions customers are subject to once they enter into an agreement with us (agreeing to use our services). Reading and understanding these terms and conditions is important as it tells you how and why we do things, and what are your rights and responsibilities as customer, and vice versa. It also makes everyone’s life much easier so take the time to read the fine print – avoid the potential confusion and frustration.

If you are unclear about some of the terms and conditions listed here, or perhaps you require clarification and additional information on the way we do business, by all means, contact our consultants before making a decision. You can get in touch with us by phone, email and online through our website – visit the Contact Us page of our website for details. We aim for a fair, transparent way of doing business – the terms and conditions listed here attest to that commitment of ours.